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About Us


China National Building Materials Exhibition and Trading Center was founded in 1956, which is a central institution directly under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission {China Building Material Technology Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiaries of us}.For a long time ,we have been undertaking a great mission for China's building material industry in domestic and oversea market, including publicity, technology and products' display, trading, international cooperation and etc .With a perfect sales system and a strong sales ability, we have been making great and outstanding contributions to our country for making Chinese building materials products for going abroad.


Why us?


1. Prestigious, Professional and Authoritative:

China National Building Material Exhibition and Trading Center is a central institution,which belongs to China Building Material Federation(Formerly known as National Building Bureau, now called CBMF ),we are the sole official window for international cooperation of CBMF, we have a stable relation of cooperation with the 23 professional association in the building industry, we also have a widely  collaboration with the relevant ministries and commissions of the central and local governments .We contribute a positive influence to the global building material industry's communication for information, technology advancement, trading cooperation, and market development .And we have the ability to provide all customized business services with international enterprises who want to develop Chinese market.


2. Quality Assurance:

Based on building materials industry,China National Building Material Exhibition and Trading Center own internationally advanced technology production lines, products like multi-color roller coating plate, coppered plate, decoration and insulation integrated board/tile, we have a deep cooperation system with CBMF system, Including 9 subordinate units ,23 professional association,15 branch companies, and 27 quality inspection agencies. We also have comprehensive coverage and good quality of supplier chain. We have the ability and we can guarantee that we can provide our customers with good quality and best price products in domestic and oversea.


3. One-Stop and Customized Service:

Adhering to the profound product resources and system resources of the industry, we can provide one-stop and customized service to the customers from all over the world about purchasing solution and integrated house solution. And we can supply you the best price and great quality of building materials products or accessories.


The best products, great reputation, meticulous service, this is our invariable promise!

Looking forward to cooperating with you!


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