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1.      Comprehensive Business Service

1.1 Customized exhibition, business tour, trade meeting, consultation and training services package.

Four Optional Modes:




Exhibition Service:






1.  Invitation to CBME comprehensive and professional building materials exhibitions.

2.  Government-provided favorable terms for large material exhibitions in China.

3.  Customized exhibitions for example ASEAN Rubber Products Exhibition in China.

Customized Business Tour Service:


1.   Different themes business tours organized by CBME regularly such as Chinese Stone Materials Industrial Parks Tour.

2.   Customized business tours designed according to enterprises’ needs such as a business tour package to meet with related government organizations, associations and enterprises.  


Customized Trade Meeting Service:



1. Company-defined Trade Meeting with well-chosen companies selected by CBME.

2. Attending themed trade meeting organized by CBME such as China Ceramic Materials Trade Meeting.


Customized Consultation and Training service:

1.   Customized market analysis report such as Chinese Cement Market Analysis of 2014.

2.   Tailored training programs such as technical training in different areas such as engineering machinery technical training.


1.2 Merger and Investment





With branches cover the whole country, CBME is able to find the best and suitable investors in China for merger, acquisition and investment demands in other country.


1.3 Publicity and Promotion

1. CBME is able to organize specialized publicity and promotion conferences for enterprises who aim at entering Chinese market.

2. CBME has its own affiliated publicity and promotion media such as China Building Materials News which is dedicated to promote material products to Chinese material users. Beside, CBMF is also home to 23 affiliated associations and hundreds of local associations who are also promotion channels.


1.4 China Building Material Technology & Trading Development Co., LTD.

China Building Material Technology & Trading Development Co., LTD. Is the subsidiary of China National Building Material Exhibition and Trade Center. Which covers main materials, decoration insulation materials, decoration materials, roofing, flooring, doors, windows, lighting, kitchen, bathroom, semi-manufactures, integrated house and custom service, and other wide range of building materials. And also providing one-stop shopping services, investment and financing, development of industrial park, with professional, authoritative and reliable quality assurance. We are looking forward to welcoming you.


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